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When some men hear the word "boot," they picture a combat or snow shoe. But, unlike other men, you happen to be fashion forward and detail oriented.

When you picture a boot, you envision a shoe with distressed suede, a rounded toe, and a stylish buckle on the heel. Or maybe you think of a sturdier product with contrast stitching and a padded tongue. You might even picture a classic dress shoe with a high ankle.

Whatever the word "boot" means to you, rest assured that you'll find it at Testosterone Shoes, a new brand with classic taste, and we offer a stylish, diverse collection of boots in St. Louis, MO.

Find Dapper and Durable Boots

The best quality of a Testosterone shoe is that it's designed to meet your everyday needs. Our products are bold and polished-but they're also durable.

In addition to style and durability, Testosterone shoe is proud to offer a wide range of boots. We have a slick pair of boots for every customer. Take a look at our collection below. If you find what you're searching for, click on the photo to learn more or buy the product.

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Details | Purchase | $169

Ace Race

Details | Purchase | 169.00

Air Alert

Details | Purchase | $139

Air Alert (Leather)

Details | Purchase | 149.00

Air Wing

Details | Purchase | 159.00

All Gone

Details | $169

Apple Jay

Details | $149

Arch Way

Details | Purchase | $149

Ball of Fire

Details | Purchase | $169

Case N Point

Details | Purchase | 169.00


Details | Purchase | 169.00

Click One

Details | $169


Details | Purchase | 169.00

Hangin In

Details | Purchase | $159 SALE $119.20

Hi and Dry

Details | Purchase | $159 SALE $119.20

Just Us

Details | Purchase | 149.00


Details | Purchase | Reg. $169

Now Daze

Details | Purchase | Reg. $169 Sale $126.75

Pool Side

Details | Purchase | 169.00

Spy Sea

Details | Purchase | $159